Grease and Oil Cups

nozzle threaded, air safety nozzle, brass hose nipple air pistols meet U.S. Bureau of Labor Standards Sections 50-204.8 and 50-204.10. Sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ – pipe thread


Fig. 65 Improved Automatic Grease Cup – Forged Brass With “O” Ring Plunger

The improved automatic grease cup is of extra heavy substantial construction. It is particularly well adapted for use on movable bearings or where there is excessive vibration. The body of this cup unscrews from the bottom for filling which is regarded by some engineers as a more convenient arrangement.


Machined from brass for use where this material is more desirable


Fig. 95 Automatic Grease Cup Forged Brass

For stationary or movable bearings, Essex grease cups provide continuous pressure on the lubricant which forces the grease down on the bearing. The outlet through the shank is provided with a plug to regulate the quantity.


Fig. 85 Positive Feed Grease Cup – Forged Brass

Our positive grease cup is made expressly for feeding heavy grease to bearings, and is preferred in many cases to the spring compression style, especially where the temperature is continually changing. This cup is recommended for marine purposes and is a durable as it is reliable.