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Essex Brass Corporation, based in Warren, Michigan,  is a leading US manufacturer of a variety of brass items including air cocks, grease cups, lubricators, liquid level water and oil gauges and a wide variety of fittings designed and used by industrial and plumbing distributors.

Essex Brass prides itself with our large variety of high quality liquid level gauges, including direct reading liquid level water gauges for liquid and steam service as well as direct reading liquid level oil gauges.  We carry a full line of self cleaning liquid level water gauges as well as gauges that can be used on expansion tanks.

Choosing the right liquid level gauge for your application can have many variables, including the type of liquid, volume, and pressures.  We are sure that we have a liquid level gauge that will fulfill your needs and requirements and will meet the needs of industry standards.

Our professional staff is available to help you determine which gauge is correct for your application; feel free to contact us should you have any questions.  Email us at info@essexbrass.com or call us at (586) 757-8200.

GC8500 Positive Feed Grease Cup

Forged Brass Our positive grease cup is made expressly for feeding heavy grease to bearings, and is preferred in many cases to the spring compression style, especially where the temperature is continually changing. This cup is recommended for marine purposes and is as durable as it is reliable.


Inside Diameter 1″ Shank pipe thread 1/8″ capacity (grease) 1/3 oz