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Essex Brass is pleased to announce that Flywheel Supply LLC has purchased the product lines of Essex Brass and Flywheel Supply is committed to making Essex Brass’s parts in the same fashion as they have been since the beginning in 1901. Please check Flywheel Supply’s website (www.EssexBrassParts.com) for more details. You can call (866) 657-5335 EXT 3 to speak with Zach directly or email him at Zach@Flywheel-Supply.com Fax: (888) 247-3892

Flywheel Supply is a family owned company located in northwest Iowa. They produce over 3,000 parts in their machine shop for their product line and are adding all the Essex Brass parts to their product offering.

LU277#6 (Patented) Plural Sight Feed Oiler


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Model 277 (Patented) Plural Sight Feed Oiler

Glass body with cast brass trimmings.  Made with one to fourteen feeds and available with six different reservoirs.

For bearings and journals

Our Plural Oilers are made with one to fourteen feeds, and in 1/3 pint, 1/2 pint, pint, quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon reservoirs.  Each one has horizontal support stud, and this stud is provided with a lock nut to hold it firmly to the bracket or other support.  Each feed has its own independent feed adjustment.  The sanp lever on top of the oil reservoir starts or stops the flow of oil to all the feeds at once without disturbing the feed adjustments.  The oil pipe connections are 1/4 O.D. brass tubing, unless other specified.

All parts are made form brass and the construction throughout is extremely durable.  There are no moving parts to wear out and cause trouble, and with reasonable care this device will outlast the machine it lubricates.

At a slight additional charge our Plural Oilers can be provided with an equalizing tube within the oil reservoir to enable these oilers to deliver the oil at moderate pressures.

*Bodies available is glass, steel or plastic

Size 6:
Pint capacity 3-1/2″ Outside diameter of glass 4″ Height of glass