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Essex Brass is pleased to announce that Flywheel Supply LLC has purchased the product lines of Essex Brass and Flywheel Supply is committed to making Essex Brass’s parts in the same fashion as they have been since the beginning in 1901. Please check Flywheel Supply’s website (www.EssexBrassParts.com) for more details. You can call (866) 657-5335 EXT 3 to speak with Zach directly or email him at Zach@Flywheel-Supply.com Fax: (888) 247-3892

Flywheel Supply is a family owned company located in northwest Iowa. They produce over 3,000 parts in their machine shop for their product line and are adding all the Essex Brass parts to their product offering.

LU60#5 Wolverine Sight Feed Lubricator


Fig 60 Wolverine Sight Feed Lubricator  Size 5

Glass body, cast brass trimmings.  For gas engines, air compressors, glass bottle machines, etc.

Size 5:
3″ Outside diameter of glass 3″ Height of glass 10 oz Capacity 1/2″ Shank pipe thread